Afrikaners bringing Apartheid to the UK

I’m not racist nor have I any prejudice based upon the colour of one’s skin. However, the truth must be told that I’m beginning to develop an animosity towards a particular type of Afrikaner. My step-dad was an Afrikaner Boer and during my teenage years, I had the opportunity to grow up understanding the wonderful values of family and hard work which are shown in this great culture.

Yet despite the strong Christian values and the element of love for one’s neighbour, there is a dying bred of Nazi mentally yet operates within some Afrikaners. They believe to be superior to those of darker skin shades and believe to be smarter. Their ideology is ingrained into the fabric of their being, and despite their “acceptance” for the non-elected they harbour the hate towards the diversity.

Many are now fleeing South Africa in their thousands believing that Britain will allow them the opportunity to “be their racist selves”. Alas, they underestimate the British. Those who pledged allegiance to the Queen, she has also submitted to the very same laws she has to obey and that being the Magda Carta.

Therefore, the ideology of one believing to be superior in the United Kingdom is merely a delusion hoping to find those of similar Cancerous cells such as their hearts. Afrikaners with such tendencies must realise that the United Kingdom does not tolerate prejudice within the colours of black and white written on her values.

The likes of Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Mugabe are the role-models for they also suffered the same plight of hating their neighbours and if possible kill them or enslave them.

So I would urge all racist Afrikaners coming to the United Kingdom:

 In the words of Winston Churchill: We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

Author: brendonnaicker

1 thought on “Afrikaners bringing Apartheid to the UK

  1. That’s about as stupid as you can get! You have a psychotic fear of Afrikaners. But if you think black South Africans are on the educational level and intellectual level as white Europeans, you are mistaken. They are not, they don’t have the education, the work ethic or self-discipline. Crime is sky-high for a reason, rape, teenage pregnancies, school drop-outs, their academic performance is ranked 2nd last in the world by the World Economic Forum. They strike, they are vandals. You can accept them by the million in the UK if you want to. You are welcome. It’s time to accept people are different. As for Churchill, he asked Jan Smuts, an Afrikaner to take over from him the war effort in case he be killed in the war. Wikipedia Jan Smuts

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