Always broke(n)…

Despite how much some people earn, they are constantly in financial hardship. No matter how hard they work their lives do not appear to have become any easier. They place a lot of energy in running around doing the urgent but forsaking the important. The urgent are those which arise without prioritisation or planning, and unforeseen due to the circumstances. However it is the important which should gain our attention to prioritise and plan.
It is important to finish school and it is important to go to bed early so to be refreshed yet it often is the urgent which is beckoning our attention so that we are constantly playing catch-ups – not enough sleep or we wished we had completed a formal qualification. Whatever our hopes and dreams were – it is given that at no point you become younger or had time showing remorse. If fact, many feel cheated – for they wished they could have or should have? Whatever the reason for not being the human being you wanted has ultimately to do with yourself.
There are many people who survived against the odds, against the rejections, in spite of the abuse. The would tell you that it did not come easy for every time they lifted their head above the heavy tide pushing them down – they had to muster a greater strength than the last.
Did they feel like giving up? Of course they did! Did they feel like they were handed an unfair package of life? Of course they did! But the difference is that they knew they had no other choice. It was either they settled to be the carpet to which people wipe their feet on, or the punching bag. There has to come a point in everyone’s life when they have to declare that enough is enough and that they can’t take it anymore! But if there is no fight in you? There is no drive? There is no dissatisfaction of your circumstances and you have gone into a state of apathy? Merely going through the motions of life without meaning, without purpose?
Someone once wrote, ‘Consider the postage stamp, my son. Its usefulness consists in its ability to stick to one thing until it gets there.’ People who are successful in any field are usually those people who do not give up. When the difficulties come, and they inevitably will, these people simply move into a higher, more determined gear until they see their way through. They work in order to see results and to achieve. It is not wrong for a Christian to view God’s work in this way. Too many of us achieve little, if anything, for our God. Christians should hear from God and then be determined to carry out His will. Nothing should stop us.

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