Christmas comes early to the UK 2015


Once every five years or sometimes sooner the UK celebrates an additional Christmas. However Santa does not attend this festive season for if he did, he would definitely be outwitted and his gifts would be peanuts to the promises of our politicians present.

Where Santa would have his traditional red suit our characters adopt the costumes of their target audience. Just the other week I heard a message David Cameron gave at a mega church in London. Listening intently and thinking to myself, my goodness! – this guy is a serious devoted Christian. Literally within a couple of days- Mr Cameron was attending a Hindu temple. I’ve no problem with this however people are gullible and will believe anything.

While Mr Cameron targeted the faith groups – Mr Miliband was trying to hobnob with Russell Brand. Trying to show that he too can be their homie. Nonetheless, You don’t have to be naughty or nice only tick a box and your promises will be delivered however regrettably due to budget cuts, high inflation, lack of “lackability” they would need you to vote for them again so their promises can be fulfilled because five-years ain’t a long time.

Thinking about this…I made a mistake- the right analogy would be of a travelling circus!

Author: brendonnaicker

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