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The Life Journey of Brendon Naicker: Under a Mango Tree

Attributed Author: Carla Day
ISBN: 978-0-9932128-1-9
Available on Amazon this June

A deep look into the fascinating and inspirational story of Brendon Naicker’s life journey. Brendon’s accolades and achievements throughout his colourful life, which took him from his seaside home in South Africa to a new democracy in the UK, include human rights advocate, Reverend, political activist, author and entrepreneur. A man who faced mountainous challenges, consistent racism, brutality and adversity. He was once told – by his own teacher – that he would never amount to anything. He became a man who left his country in pursuit of success, to pick potatoes in Lincolnshire and from there proceed to make his way into the lives, hearts and minds of all he met. A determined entrepreneur, born with the courage of a salmon swimming upstream, against the tide, yet certain of reaching his destination.


Author: brendonnaicker

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