Future President of South Africa? – Don’t misjudge Julius Malema for a fool


Many people make jokes about Mr Malema and his incoherent rhetoric, his educational background and obliviousness nature in dealing with allegations. People laugh at his uniform and protests. However I’m afraid that Mr Malema would soon have the last laugh.

Peruse through his curriculum vitae below and see that this is not your “garden-boy”. He is ambitious and his ideologies are controversial. He deliberately captures and spins the media to his bidding. He has been strategic and cautious in choosing his battles- given that 2013 may have not been the best year for him. This morning’s news article mentions: “The opposition Economic Freedom Fighters, which has contested very few by-elections since its launch as a political party, will take part in by-elections in KwaZulu-Natal for the first time on Wednesday.” If Mr Malema is such a fool then how is it that he appears to be recently the voice of reason. The voice which is speaking the people’s language, this may well be the people spokesmen! He has some seriously controversial policies, which can be liken to the leaders of Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda, and to that just may result in the South African economy being destroyed. But is that a bad thing? Should monetary gain be the greater importance in comparison to an entire nation? Should not the mines and commodities of South Africa belong to the people of South Africa? Or the land of the homeless to reclaim property to which had been plundered? At present everyone is mentioning the symptoms of a bad managed government however Mr Malema is brave enough to express his radical ideas for change. The politicians in their lovely suits and entourage are too busy being pampered while Mr Malema is in his overall working hard to be the President of South Africa. Given that the GDP & GNP may decline, that inflation may increase and that food scarcity and foreign aid may diminish. Given that foreigners may have to leave and that Indians, Whites, and Coloured may fall at the hands of a radical for who needs skill when equality and justice means more than money?

The CV of the future President of South Africa:

Founder Member | Economic Freedom Fighters
May 2013 – present
Social Development and Community Services

Commander in Chief | Economic Freedom Fighters
2013 – present
Publishing, Printing and Print Media

President | Youth League | African National Congress
South Africa | 2008 – 2012
Government, Public Administration and Defence

National President | Congress of South African Students
South Africa | 2001
Government, Public Administration and Defence

Provincial Chairman | Limpopo | Congress of South African Students
South Africa | 1997 – 2001
Government, Public Administration and Defence

General Secretary | Youth League – Limpopo Branch | African National Congress
South Africa | 1995 – 2012
Government, Public Administration and Defence

Regional Chairman | Seshego Branch | African National Congress Youth League
South Africa | 1995 – 2012
Government, Public Administration and Defence

Mohlakaneng High School, Limpopo, South Africa

University of South Africa
2011 – present
Bachelor of Arts degree – Communications and African languages
University of South Africa
2008 – 2010
Two-year diploma – Youth Development

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