Joburg Water – Incompetent Company of 2016!

When it comes to the incompetence for delivery of service, apartheid has been the number one cause for municipalities failing to deliver. However despite your political alliance, I’m certain that if you are really honest with yourself, you would confirm that many of the issues we face are definitely due to the incompetent staff.  If I were to give an award based upon hopelessness, it will definitely go to Joburg Water!
When you search Joburg Water and click on the page about who they are, it notes:
Johannesburg Water SOC Ltd (JW) is a municipal entity incorporated on 21 November 2000 and commenced business on 1 January 2001 as an independent company, with the City of Johannesburg (CoJ) as its sole shareholder. JW was formed following the iGoli 2002 Transformation Plan, an initiative led by the former Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Council.
Huh? Why? Joburg water is an independent company just like Maxwell’s Spaza Shop. If you were an independent business and the authorities witnessed the wastage of water during a drought – what would they do? Penalise the company!  Would they not? Then why is Joburg Water able to stand above the law when it suits its interests?
Whilst you are reading this I can bear witness of a pipe burst for the past 48hrs – clean drinking water is going into the drain every second, every minute, every hour. The Customer Relationships Manager of Joburg Water is fully aware of the situation, yet chooses to do nothing and sits behind her computer screen.  So is the Regional Manager of the Municipality, and the contractors working on it but no one can be bothered. There is a total disregard for the pedestrians, the water crises and the hazardous conditions it causes.
Why are these people not held accountable, how many others must experience these incompetence of staff?  Joburg water has a brilliant computer system, however I have seen that the system is maybe too smart for these managers. There is the Customer Relations Manager at Joburg Water who is an Afrikaner and to whom I believe should give a chance for BEE to take her job, for many such as this manager are pretty good in playing “pass the buck”!  I’m sure there must be other more skilled and ambitious people who do want to make a difference and not just aim to secure their pension.
Incompetent staff should not be tolerated, it gives our country a bad name and yes, it sometimes does appear that these individuals may want to see our country fail because they no longer are in control.

Author: brendonnaicker

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  1. For the record Joburg Water did manage to stop the leak after 56hrs of wasting thousands of gallons but have now decided to shut-off our supply! Trying to intimidate us – not realising that water is not a privilege but a right!

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