Londoners shame landlords over ‘rip-off’ rents

Londoners are publicly shaming their landlords over rip-off rent prices in a new online campaign. Renters shared their worst experiences of renting including horror stories of living with rats, cockroaches, damp and mould for upwards of 550 a month under the Vent Your Rent hashtag.

2The hashtag was launched by campaign group Generation Rent, which has urged fed-up renters to tell their stories using the hashtag, or via uploads to the Vent Your Rent Tumblr page.

One person wrote: One weeks notice before decorators started work, two months living in a building site no discount, 30 per cent rent rise after.


A common complaint is the unfairness of being charged a fee before even signing, and the frustration at being powerless to fight it because even the pokiest flats are in high demand.

Unscrupulous landlords, extortionate rents and unregulated letting agent fees are a fact of life, but it doesn’t have to be like this. The petition with and a campaign #MakeRentingFair calling on the housing minister, Brandon Lewis, to ban letting agents’ fees for renters in England (they’ve been illegal in Scotland since 2012). In three weeks 75,000 signatures had been achieved.



source: 28/04/16

Author: brendonnaicker

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