My Experience at Labour Party – Duffryn Ward

Dear Mr Corbyn,

I believe it is only fitting that I provide an open insight into the closed-net Labour Party ward of Duffryn.  It was last year to which I joined the Labour party believing that Mr Jeremy Corbyn’s influence would give citizens such as myself an opportunity also to wanting to make a difference in my community.

So the natural process one would believe is to go online and register then call to enquire details of the next meeting. So I did, however upon calling, no one was there to answer on the four different times I called including leaving voicemail messages. Nonetheless, I then decided to email, on emailing I received no response. What really did the trick, was when I paid for the the membership fees. Immediately an email came through welcoming me, etc. noting that someone will soon follow through, to which someone eventually did!

I then went online to the party website to check when the next meeting will be held.  So I finished work early and drove to the destination as stated on the website only to have discovered that the family living there wants nothing to do with the Labour party for they no longer use that address.

I then called the “secretary” to enquire of details for the next meeting to which she gave me the two addresses they usually meet at, and denoting that the next meeting would be next week Tuesday which was to be held at one of the provided addresses. So next week Tuesday arrived, an hour earlier I drove to the destination and waited only to discover that they are not meeting at that address but instead at Duffryn school, a third address.

At that point I persisted in requesting the information to where exactly the meeting was to be held and it felt that I was not welcomed. On arriving five minutes late I was introduced to which one individual refused to shake my hand or greet… I could not be bothered so I placed my hand in front of his face forcing him to respond to which he reluctantly shook but looked in another direction.

Looking around me was a group of the over 50s with myself being definitely the youngest (under 50). The Chairman spoke of all the commitments he was involved in and how busy he was yet I was there thinking well, I’m here use me!

I am not interested in joining the pensioners’ society of Duffryn, the reason I attempted to get involved was because I believed I could make a difference to the neglected Newport. Nonetheless, I feel that these guys are too power greedy and that I would possibly need to be a waiter at their table before I get a chance to serve my community… I can wait – I have my youth and it looks like they at their last leg.

Yours sincerely,


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