Release David Miliband from Exile…send Ed instead!


Sometimes it amazes me of how detached politicians are from the reality of life. The recent victory of the Conservative Party is no surprise to those living in the non-fiction world of hardship. In a race – no one in their right frame of mind intends to lose unless they have another agenda – such as race fixing. However we have all witnessed the Labour Party placing its weak, indecisive horse first for a race amongst thorough-breeds. Why? For goodness-sake why?

The Labour Party is arrogant in thinking people don’t vote for charisma and charm. Look at USA; they voted for an amateur with hardly any proper experience on running a country but did have loads of charity work experience. Ironically, the major policy he would be remembered for is Obamacare.

Why was David Miliband sentenced to exile so that his brother could waste us another five years? I once was a Conservative supporter- I had then realised that on policy these guys don’t really believe what they “manifesto”. So I went to the working-class party to realise that they love charity-work. So frankly I’m neither for black, yellow nor blue. I’m a citizen of the UK watching the “Great” in Britain become the small of Britain. I have no hope in a Messiah coming from a political party but I’m for common sense and merely marvelling at the theatrical politicians playing with people’s lives in the name of their career defining moments.

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