South African Defence Union calls for Lawful mass action Campaigns

People do take note — as today marks a very important turning point in our Nation’s future. If those who do not heed the lessons of history they will be forced to repeat it. This morning reported on News24 that the South African Defence Union (SANDU) has called for lawful means to remove President Jacob Zuma from office as it believes he is no longer fit to be the commander-in-chief of the defence force.

Sandu national secretary JG Greeff said it was “absolutely despicable” that Zuma had transgressed the very Constitution that the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) was charged with upholding. He referred to the Constitutional Court ruling on Thursday, which stated that Zuma had failed to “uphold, defend and respect the Constitution” when he did not adhere to the remedial actions called for by Public Protector Thuli Madonsela.

This is where I believe the warning signal for us to take note is:

“Sandu encourages all members of society, including soldiers to participate in their private capacity and time in any lawful mass action campaigns which might be called to the end of lawfully recalling and or removing President Zuma from office.”

Does not history show us time and time again that when Parliament is opposed by its own military there looks like trouble brewing. What if SANDU marched over to Zuma’s residence and arrested him and formed a military government for this is what SANDU said:

“Given the ruling made, the president can no longer be considered a fit and proper person to remain the commander-in-chief of the SANDF, nor can any of the parliamentary members who so stubbornly protected him in his questionable endeavours against the Public Protector’s findings, be considered fit and proper persons to hold office as members of Parliament.”

Are these signs of a “military coup”?

Definition of a coup, or an overthrow, is the sudden and forced seizure of a state, usually instigated by a small group of the existing government establishment to depose the established regime and replace it with a new ruling body.

If SANDU does not believe the President is FIT AND PROPER then who would they believe to be “fit and proper”? we must remember that despite our contempt for the President – It was the people who voted him in and therefore my fear is that we could be soon be following the leadings of other tragic African countries?




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