The movie “Inside Out” will cause emotional struggles?

I’ve just watched the movie “Inside Out”. This movie personifies the emotions within a young girl’s head showing the experiences of these emotions as they are. It demonstrates a psychological concept of common humanity that we all struggle with the same emotions, insecurities, heartbreaks etc. The movie promotes the psychological awareness that joy, sadness, disgust, anger and fear are common to us all.

I’m no psychologist however on reflection to my experience on the “big screen” in 3D fashion I’ve realised, “my goodness!” – is this not too deep and contributes to the younger, impressionable audience a sort of “self-medicated” understanding of their feelings?inside-out

Although brilliantly produced in bringing such a complicated subject to the level of animation is a work of genius. However what disturbs me is the notion that the emotions were responsible for behaviours missing in the subject’s life. It came across as if emotions are similar to that which controls a person. Therefore the constant need to be happy of have good memories are the substance of an individual.

If this were the case we would be living in a world full of depressed souls… I see it as having two types of people: those who make it happen and those who blame it for happening.

A movie such as this gives reasons why kids are withdrawn and does provide solutions besides blind optimism. Simple reality is that when you get hurt, you learn and you get up! Disney and Pixar are now messing with our heads that we live in their make-believe Disneyland to hide from our pains! We need to grow up!

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