Raw Flesh upon Naked Skin


My office is located on the High Street, to those living outside of the UK – it is the prime shopping district for designer goods. As I walked past the major retailers, Ted Baker, Monsoon, Hugo Boss and the many others. One cannot deny that these specific retailers have found their identities and are now proudly marketing their individuality expressed through their “art”. Our generation is encouraging of individuals showing their creative oddities.

Who would have thought that wearing a garment made of raw meat stitched together would be ladylike? Yet Lady Gaga looks at us all and with those cold-stern expressions with raw flesh upon her naked flesh is implying, what’s wrong with you all- how come you’re not wearing the carcass too?

Remember Madonna with her coned shaped bra on the outside showing that boundaries and conventionalism needs to be challenged. But Madonna making a statement came nowhere close to Janet Jackson’s cat-suit being ripped open by Justin Timberlake exposing her breast.

All these are merely tidal currents changing our boundary markers to where the waters once flowed until we all are swimming in the same pool of acceptance and tolerance. In pursuit to the marketing and branding of identities we have an insecure and vulnerable generation who don’t know anything about themselves nor their communities, as their world exists on a LCD Screen.

Instead of being bullied or marginalised they label themselves with the designers and fall in total adoration to their products and lifestyles. These my friends are the age of the identity revolution yet there is a need to solve for the “X” in this “Generation X” as to who and what they are?

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