Fox Hunting speaks, “I’m of upperclassmen…boy!”

The Conservative party does not waste any time in working through their Manifesto priority lists. News discussions, just a day after the election mentions how Mr Cameron intends to repeal the Fox Hunting Ban.

I have no prejudice on the subject field however in light to Unemployment, NHS, Education or Housing – I found it odd that this is first on the order of priority, why?

So I did some research, should I wish to take up Fox Hunting, the fee to join a hunt ranges in the regions of thousands. I recently also read a profound statistic which mentions 0.28 % of the population in the United Kingdom owns 64% of the countryside.

This is a sport for the British Gentlemen indeed for it is the sport of prestige and manliness. It’s nice that Mr Cameron would like to confirm his heritage in times of economic difficulties. It is clear that there are no difficulties for some.

Once again the British people have placed their hope to the voice mentioning a stable economy however he failed to mention it will be at the cost of their sweat and toil of the working class whilst the bourgeois go Fox Hunting.

Good on you Britain – we voted for an honest politician who keeps his promises!

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