Is hunting Cruel ?


There has been much debate in recent days of people uploading their trophies of their kill whilst hunting on their expeditions. Some believe that hunting has nothing to do with violence or aggression. Others mention that “hunting is in their blood” because of their ancestors were hunters. Yet, the world has so vastly changed since the days of hunting, like foraging and gathering, which was imperative for the survival of humans.

The main reason for most hunts today is the prize head, skin, horns or tusks of the animal. For others, it is the bragging rights on the social media networks, which is self-evident of the negative innuendo it has raised. How does hunting differ from killing livestock for our food? – given that lion meat is not as desirable but their skins are seen displayed in some stately homes. So whilst we are on the subject of hunting, is eating meat cruel to the animal we consume?

Should we rescue animals from hunting themselves? Are we not all the same – as someone had to kill for that steak or chop? Is it our responsibility as humans to protect the food-chain? What do you think?

hunt2hunt6 hunt5

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