Jacob Zuma Resigns!

Well, that got your attention, did’t it? It got your attention because a good proportion of people are hoping that the Excellency, the Right Honourable, the President of South Africa will do the honourable thing and resign. From Parliamentary sessions we have witnessed that a number of his peers have accused the Honourable President of not being honourable in his behaviour. Therefore why would we believe that this could happen unless for an epiphany.

Nonetheless, if we do express our concerns and disapproval of having a president who puts himself above the constitution – we may very well import Robert Mugabe?



source:https://www.enca.com/life/entertainment/just-evita-announces-zumas-resignationaccessed 2/04/16


  • dorothymaydekok

    He is just waiting for Mugabe to resign first. I think it may have developed into a ‘let’s see who blinks first’ game.
    Or not. Who knows?

  • dorothymaydekok

    Reblogged this on dorothy de kok and commented:
    Great post I just have to share!

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