‘I have nothing against blacks, but . . .’

Denial of racism is a reaction to the existing sanction of racism as a socially unacceptable opinion. Most people who share racist opinions and act accordingly, would vigorously deny that they are racists because racism is officially and culturally condemned; it is a negative qualification in societies in which tolerance, equality and democracy are dominant official ideological values.

Most forms of contemporary racism are no longer biologically based, but take a more acceptable form of cultural racism, though the latter label is denied by its proponents.

Thus, at the academic and intellectual-ideological level, cultural racism is a form of denial, insofar as its proponents are trying to avoid the stigmatisation of being called racists, while at the same time holding views that perpetuate or worsen race inequality.

This is possible exactly because racism interferes with our judgement. Considering racism from the point of view of its denial is relevant at this point of the struggle against racism.

Racism is definitely a shame; and I/we have absolutely no excuse not to address it promptly and adequately.


source:The denial of racism by Dimitrina Petrova at the International Council on Human Rights Policy.International Council on Human Rights Policy Picture:www.azquotes.com-accessed 23/09/16

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