Why the Queue Etiquette is important to South Africans?

My parents told me of a time when Coolies and Kaffirs (insulting and contemptuous term used to describe Indians and Blacks similar to using the word Nigger) were not permitted to enter restaurants. One ironic particular case is of a restaurant called, “Open Doors” located in my hometown, Port Shepstone. This restaurant had a service hatch to serve the non-whites outside the restaurant.

I also remember the long queues of people waiting in line from as early as 5am to be served at the Home Office whilst those of colour prominence waltz right pass those of inferior class status.

It is for this reason I believe that the etiquette of the queuing system in South Africa is of vital importance to self-worth. Someone once mentioned to me that South Africans see race in everything and even when its nothing to do with race we see colour.

Therefore when someone jumps a queue- it can be interpreted as if they have prominence over us within the system. Alternatively it could be interpreted by the fact that they didn’t see those waiting in line?

Our heart and our intentions define the people we choose to become…


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