Having to be Black & Beautiful…

Having to be black and beautiful has a number of setbacks even for the 21st Century. Just take for example of the recent articles of Prince Harry’s new girlfriend, Meghan Markle who is mixed race -there are reports of racists attacks upon her for having “black blood” as there were such a thing as blood having a distinction based upon race?

Well it appears to be so…for growing up I too witnessed the stigma of those who were non -black whom married a “black” person and to which I was even privy to the internal gossip whisperings. It was okay to marry a white person being Indian – but even within the Indian tradition it was demanded that the person had to be of the same religious background but god forbid if anyone brought home an African!

So what choices does an attractive young black beauty have to securing a wealthy individual who could satisfy her appetite to want the things that Beyonce has? Well many young South African girls have decided to reserve themselves and to be on standby for the benefactor aka, “The Blesser”.

The Blesser is usually a wealthy individual, married and possibly with commitments and thus having a “side-chick” on call at his bidding without her controlling his movements for the price of lavishing the accommodation, clothes, pocket money and designer gifts. One could say that this may be a glorified mistress however not so…for this arrangement could easily be dissolved without any notice and without causing any tension on the heartstrings.

Now before one tries to act like the moral law giver – don’t be to quick to judge these girls. The culture is creating a desire for wealth and its trappings and for these young girls to get what they want, so they merely reserve their time and focus on pampering themselves…oh, I hear you call them no different to a prostitute?

Well these girls are a hybrid form of selling their bodies, it can be equally compared to an arrange marriage for self gain as they are merely selling their dream of falling in love with Mr Right. These girls are survivors and in ten years time many will be left alone and penniless and thus society must be prepared on how to deal with the thousands of young girls abandoned and hurt.

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