Is there life after work?

To fully answer this question we need to first clarify its meaning which can be ambiguous for, life after work carries the obvious meaning of retirement somewhere out there, years from now. But it also means what you do when you are not actively involved with your job and how you manage the permeability between working and living. It means separating working for a living from living to work.

Why do we drag ourselves out of bed every morning instead of living lives composed of one’s pleasure-filled adventure after another? Is having to work exclusively the reason to pay for our lifestyles? Hence begs to draw the analysis of whether the pain of working is satisfied by the material acquisitions – yet so few actually ever arrive at that state of achieving.

Like zombies we are caught-up in the rut of life with only the hope of a better future, either for themselves or our children. We incur debts which result in the lifelong commitment of servitude to become a slave of the salary. What began as a career and an ambition to conquer the world with change and passion becomes a drudgery of hoping that time speeds-on more quickly. As we use this survival mechanism we don’t realise that time has moved-on and so has your bodies showing the signs of wear-and-tear for the sacrifice and debts we paid for the “good” life.

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