30 days – to request refund on faulty items.

The changes to the Consumer Rights Act, effective from 1st October 2015, have had several effects on the purchasing of second hand vehicles.

For the first time a specific timeframe has been set on the amount of time in which you can reject a faulty item and get a full refund – 30 days. This includes the buying of second hand cars.

Get your car inspected by an independent garage of your own (within 30 days of purchasing it) and find serious faults, you would be entitled to ask for a full refund or to have the car repaired or replaced at no cost.

If you choose the repair option and find that your car isn’t repaired to a satisfactory quality after the dealership have had their chance, you can then claim a full refund.

As with the Sales of Goods Act, all products sold must fit the following criteria under the new Consumer Rights Act:

Satisfactory quality: Goods should not be faulty or damaged when you receive them – this includes cars. You should consider what a “satisfactory” quality might be with a used car given its age and mileage, but this is another reason to quickly get it inspected once you’ve bought it. If an inspection by an independent garage finds major faults with the vehicle, it’s probably safe to say it wasn’t “satisfactory quality” when you bought it.

Fit for purpose: Any goods sold to you should be fit for the purpose that they are supplied for, as well as any specific purpose which you outlined to the retailer when you agreed to buy the goods. In the case of cars, this would mean being fit to be driven on the road over the kinds of distances and terrains which you specified you’d need the car for during the process of buying.

As described: Whatever you’re buying must match the description which was given to you at the time of purchase. In the case of a car: does it actually do everything the dealer said it would? Does it have all of the features they claimed?





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