The United Nations is hopeless.

IT TOOK TWO World Wars, a failed League of Nations, human catastrophe and destruction on historically unmatched scale – and human history had seen more than needed blood – for mankind’s collective political will to come up with a closest to a government on global scale to mediate between nations and set a truly global context to problems of mankind.

It could have become a platform beyond national limitations to represent all people of the world to ensure a world order based on universal rights.

Instead, it became a club for corrupt bureaucrats instead – who don’t have to pay taxes.

The symbol and representation of the power of the world order. United People will promise all human beings not bureaucratic services like vaccines and health advisories or industrial protection forces and crop research, but universal rights.

The greatest potential for political disruption in the world exists in breaking down the current thinking, mindset and structural framework of the United Nations.

It must cease representing Nations. The biggest flaw of the United Nations is that it is a Club of all governments of recognized countries in the world.

An opportunity born out of the problem and challenge that needed an imaginative and ambitious breaking down of previous paradigms of approach, and harnessing the mood of the globe post World War II, to creating a potentially World Government, and delimiting nations, despite their legitimate sovereignty, to recognize a larger sense of being human, was totally lost.





source:Sriram Karri is the author of the intellectually challenging book: The Spiritual Supermarket, in which human history is narrated as the story of a mall where only four companies - Religion, Reason, Politics and Violence - are allowed to sell their wares. He writes novels, columns, essays, short stories and plays, and has contributed to The New York Times, The Guardian, The Hindu and The Indian Express.

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