“…in the same way Muslims travel to Mecca in Saudi Arabia”

“This movement goes back a long way. It is important that we remind each other, don’t say I’m tired of hearing this … The ANC is something to be spoken about all the time.

“It’s just like the Bible, which we speak about every Sunday, but don’t complain that we always use the same Bible, let’s leave it. You see that these things are the same,” Zuma added.

President Jacob Zuma turned to God during his first public appearance of 2017, comparing the ANC to Jesus Christ and calling on the partys supporters to flock to Orlando Stadium on Sunday, in the same way Muslims travel to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Speaking in isiZulu, the president compared the birth of the ANC to the birth of Jesus and told the partys supporters to attend its January 8 address, which he referred to as their own Christmas.

The coming of the son to wash away our sins and the birth of the ANC to free people, Zuma said.

The pre-January 8 statement party was held at the Sakhumzi restaurant and drew hundreds of people to the popular street where former President Nelson Mandela lived.

Recalling the ANC’s history during the apartheid era, Zuma also appealed to ANC supporters to appreciate the partys history in the same way they appreciate the Bible.


source:http://mg.co.za/article/2017-01-06-zuma-takes-soweto-to-church-as-he-compares-the-anc-to-jesus-christ/accessed12/01/17 (picture)https://atheismafrica.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/zuma-jesus.jpg?w=660&h=330&crop=1

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