Our Neglected Elderly are being Bewitched by “FRIENDS”

It is indeed a tragedy and the peril of our society that the elderly are forgotten. Time is a commodity worth far more than listed on the stock market. As most of us finish school, go to university and then work our way up the corporate ladder – we do and often lose track of our loved ones – we become too busy.

Whilst we were growing up, our parents were also growing old. We somewhat still believe that they are alright despite the signs of their fragility begining to show. We believe that they are strong and are able to look after themselves.

Whilst they are at home – our elderly become a target to the cold, heartless scam artists who are door knocking or seeking to befriend our neglected elderly offering them some sort of comfort and security. A case which has just come to my attention of a couple who has recently befriended an elderly lady.

They managed to convert the lady to another religion and managed to orchestrate their lawyers to strip the lady of her investments and property and all this was carefully manoeuvred without her family knowledge.

Now what appeared to be the elderly person’s pension, she has now been stripped of her assets and left as a tenant in her own home. We need and must protect our elderly folks from “opportunistic friends”.


source: Picture- Old Woman Dozing by Nicolaes Maes (1656). Royal Museums of Fine ArtsBrussels


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