Fifty Shades Darker: would it stimulate the disinterested low libido?

“Fifty Shades of Grey” was first released in 2011 based on an erotic romance novel. A novel which has sold over 125 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 52 languages. Considering the great attention the book had acclaimed – many are not drawn to this book for its literary brilliance but instead for the sexual bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism erotica.

The Fifty Shades is a trilogy and part two is released on the big screen just in time for Valentine’s Day with its many toys and gifts for sale. In 2012, the year after the book was published, injuries relate to BDSM and sex toy use spiked dramatically including STD’s– in addition to injuries requiring Emergency Room visits increased by over 50% from 2010 before the publication of the book.

The joys and benefits of living in a democracy is that we are all entitled to our own perspectives and worldview. However similarly I believe that there should also be room for the freedom of expression which is contrary to popular consensus. I can understand that some people are looking for a little spark in their relationship and hoping that such titillating images may stimulate the disinterested low libido and boredom in the bedroom? The need to breakout of the mundane, routine married/partnered life which is not exciting anymore?

The question I need to understand is whether reading/watching sadism, masochism and sexual bondage will reignite life in the bedroom or would it cause an uncontrollable ablaze of passion, lust and desire for dysfunctional sex, creating an unrealistic, distorted, dangerous image of “fantasy world”.

Does not the movie provide an avenue for seeing images of porn in the setting without embarrassment and condoning that dangerous, violent behaviour and dysfunctional sex is progressive and acceptable?

So, equipped with whips, handcuffs, ropes as Christian Grey propelled by the stress of his job wants to hurt and ‘punish’ the woman (Ana) who share1s his bed, or rather, dungeon. One horrifying scene towards the end, as he administers six lashes to Ana with a belt.

Have we been lulled into believing that this relationship was, while odd, loving and consensual? It is actually deeply dysfunctional, as Ana realises as she turns and runs. And then, most bizarrely of all, the film just ends.

Part two, “Fifty Shades Darker” is soon to be released and I believe it is no point to instruct anyone what to do…But if you are sitting this Valentine’s day watching the sequel of Ana remove her underwear whilst having dinner at a fancy restaurant – giving you that feeling you so desired. However once the lights are switched on and you gazing  into your realities of the mundane and come to soon realise that you are actually 50 shades away – don’t be disappointed by the choices you made considering in comparison to the sexy erotic images portrayed… you possibly would be chasing fool’s gold.

On the Fifty Shades official website it notes: Fifty Shades Trilogy is a tale that will obsess you, possess you, and stay with you forever. 

So would you like to be possessed?

source: (picture) 9/03/17

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