To eat or not to eat meat?


For anyone who has had a pet will testify that all animals have a degree of intelligence and emotion. So looking into my own plate last night during dinner I was confronted with the reality of what actually defined the steak.

Definition of Steak: A steak is a meat generally sliced perpendicular to the muscle fibres, potentially including a bone.

So I thought it can be liken to my thigh or a portion of BBQ ribs would be a portion of my upper chest. Nonetheless, I believe that this is the cycle of life and it’s survival of the fittest.

However what really troubled me was the conditions in which the animals are being produced and harvested in mass scale to cater for us meat lovers. These animals are grown in “concentration camps”.

To mark cows for identification, ranchers may restrain them and press hot fire irons into their flesh, which can cause third-degree burns, as they bellow in pain and attempt to escape.

This food can cause their stomachs to become so full of gas—a condition called bloat—that breathing may become impaired because of compression of the lungs.

Often without providing any pain relief, workers typically cut male calves’ testicles from their scrotums or tightly clamp them so that they atrophy, and the horns of cows raised for beef are often cut or burned off.

While “on the range,” most cows receive inadequate veterinary care, and as a result, many become sick or die from infection and injury.

Researchers at Texas Tech University suspect that drug-resistant bacteria found in cattle feedlots can become airborne and cause hard-to-treat infections in humans.

Cattle raised for food are also regularly dosed with drugs such as antibiotics to make them grow faster and keep them alive in these miserable conditions.

It’s still high in cholesterol and saturated fat and contributes to a person’s risk of suffering from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

Some of the antibiotics, including penicillin and tetracycline, are also used to treat humans but don’t always work when prescribed, because the patients have been exposed to antibiotic-resistant bacteria and low doses of antibiotics as a result of consuming meat, milk, or eggs from animals who were fed the same drugs.

So, to eat or not to eat meat?





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