10 worst cities to raise children

London’s high crime rates and expensive homes make it the least family-friendly city in the UK, according to a new survey.

House prices, access to green spaces, school rankings, average salaries and crime rates were among the factors analysed.

It also took the top spot for its volume of schools rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted – 28 – and because it has more green spaces than any other city examined.

The capital came bottom of the pile in research which rated the country’s biggest cities on their suitability for family life.

The average house price in London is £483,803, putting the capital far behind cities like Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh for affordability.

Joining London in the worst of the 35 cities surveyed by MoneysuperMarket, were Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, Glasgow and Birmingham.

  1. London
  2. Newry
  3. Armagh
  4. Leeds
  5. Bradford
  6. Sheffield
  7. Glasgow
  8. Kingston upon Hull
  9. Brighton and Hove
  10. Birmingham

According to the new guide for parents, people should also look to places like Derby and Wolverhampton when thinking about a place to live while raising children.

Up and coming areas including Walthamstow, Canonbury and Muswell Hill also made this year’s top 10 list, according to the newspaper’s Best Places to Live Guide 2017.

The average house price for a home in Derby, which was named as the second best place for families in Britain, is £148,437.

The survey found its key selling point was it has one of the lowest average house prices on the list, a low level of crime, with 17 burglary claims for every 1,000 home insurance quotes, the data found.

For people intent on living in London however, Peckham was just ranked the best place to live in the capital in a prestigious list.

However the top 5 best cities to bring up children in:

  1. Newcastle
  2. Derby
  3. Wolverhampton
  4. Southampton
  5. Bath
 source:http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/london-named-worst-city-in-the-uk-to-raise-children-a3539611.htmlaccessed 15/06/17

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