Violence is caused by the people who Practice Religion…

Religion can cause violence by misinterpretation of the messages that the sacred texts are supposed to send, and a lot of the sacred texts are, in fact, misinterpreted and because of that, extremists find inspiration and justification that it is in their religion that they have to exercise violence upon others .

This means that religion is only the justification for a conflict, and when religion is removed from a conflict the real reasons are exposed; the reasons like hatred and greed for power and wealth.

In fact, just because a lot of the people who engage in violence, like warfare and terrorism in the world happen to be religious, or claim any kind of religion and religious doctrines as their reasons for acting, does not necessarily mean that religion caused them to do those things.

The biggest reason violence is connected to religion is because individuals that are driven by greed and hatred towards other religions, twist the views of a particular religion, and present their deferred standpoint to others, so by involving God or any other supreme being they would get more followers.

Christians and Muslims

For a significant long time Christians and Muslims have uncontrollably involved with wars since they believed they will be remunerated by God for waging war in his name.  The media has secured this identity of Muslims after the September 11 ambush. This exhibit of fear made the Islamic social order a state of union of the media, which educated the majority on the ruthlessness of Islam or as they call it “Favored War”. Truth be told, Islam is by all record by all account not the only religion that has given mercilessness for God.

Christianity in like manner has its history of ruthlessness and Holy Wars, they were known as the Crusades. The reasons behind the Crusades were; to free related Christians from assault and detachment, conquering lands in the controlled by various religions and fulfilling assurances to partake in a battle. Today we insinuate Holy wars as Killing in God’s name, yet war and religion have gone as an indistinguishable unit for an extensive time span. People go to battle in the wake of supplicating and making repentances to God, making them assume that God is their partner since they are fighting for his inspiration.

In the past couple of many years, since the essential battles began to recuperate the consecrated land from the Muslims Saracens, grand wars between these two religions have created along different ways. In the Christians setting, we see a consistent reduction in violence, the opposite is found in Islam.

The Jihad accepted a basic part in this snappy advancement of Islam. Battles that were struggled and swayed a gigantic geographical range, the prisoners were either changed over by the sword or vivaciously changed to the religion of the furnished compel that vanquished them.

Religious wars and violence happen in some extraordinary countries like Nigeria which is a champion among the most religious countries on the planet. In Nigeria, Muslims and Christians struggle regularly, doing combating and revolting more than one issue or the other, notwithstanding yet the confining religion knows by no about each other’s acknowledges. Religious wars in Nigeria are stimulated by mindlessness, tribalism, poverty, administrative issues and fight for control.

Another country that has experienced religious war this front line time is India; with a high people of Hindu, couple of Muslims and two or three Christians. Around hundred Christians were butchered in a present religious battles and another ten thousand staying without a housetops over their head, revealing to us that religious wars may have diminished yet in the meantime occurs in a couple of social requests.

The Crusades

By far reaching, Christianity is a religion that addresses peace yet the record of killings and pummeling in the past is restricting to its lessons. Beforehand, wars were struggled against the people who limited Christianity; the wars were combat on a very basic level against Muslims. This is in light of the fact that the climb of lslam upheld off and undermined spread of Christianity.

lslam under the control of the Umayyad Caliphate spread from what is presently Saudi Arabia in the Arabian Peninsula to Spain and parts of France. This made Islam a treat to Christianity and the Catholic Church, which was compelling in the midst of the medieval conditions. The Church had enough political help to crush anything or anyone that opposes or treating the feelings of the Church.

Scientists and understudies of history have fought about the reason or clarification behind the battles. Some say that the battles were earnest reaction by Christians to the dominance of explorers in Muslim-controlled Jerusalem. Others fight that it was political territory disguised by religious commitment. Moreover, others say that it was a social flexibility for social requests that were overburdened through landless nobles.

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t change the way that a lot of lives and property were lost at the same time.

The vital Crusades were created by Pope Urban II in 1095. His standard point was to take Jerusalem from the hands of those he acknowledged were non enthusiasts. Pope Urban II set up the system for quite a while of sharp and furious doing combating among Christianity and distinctive religions.

The Crusades were enacted by popes around then like Pope Urban ll and Pope Eugene III who required the second battle. The Popes felt that the battles were particularly their commitment and under their motivation, paying little mind to the likelihood that a segment of the endeavours as a less than dependable rule increased out of energy. They believed the battles were God’s work and that they were His instruments. Urban at Clermont used the going with words:

I address the people who are accessible, I ought to proclaim it to the truant, yet it is Christ who charges. Likewise, if the people who set out thither lose their lives on the outing, by means of land or sea, or in doing combating against the lowlife, their transgressions ought to be transmitted in that hour; this I give through the vitality of God vested in me.

Religion does posses a potential for extremism because it deals with extreme things. People can compromise with small disputes over borders and territory, but people cannot compromise with the will of God since it is absolute. However, religion should be based on love, but it can quickly be transformed into the opposite-hatred. It is the same as the passionate love between a man and a woman can be transformed into murderous jealousy.

Often enough religion has been viewed as the prime suspect for violence between ethnic groups or within them. Religion can cause violence by misinterpretation of the messages that the sacred texts are supposed to send, and a lot of the sacred texts are, in fact, misinterpreted and because of that, “extremists” find inspiration and justification that it is in their religion that they have to exercise violence upon others.

source: see c/f"Nigeria violence: Muslim-Christian clashes kill hundreds"4. Picture: 31/07/17

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