Dear KZN Provincial Government, Please help Ugu District Municipality?


Dear Mr. Thembinkosi Willies Mchunu,

The Ugu Region is yet again suffering from another self-inflicted water crisis which is going into its second year. It appears that the Ugu District Municipality is unable to adequately resolve the water issues, leaving residents across the district to suffer with the indignity of not having drinking water, bathe, flush a toilet. 

This region is a touristic magnetic boasting some of the best blue-flaged beaches. Yet many tourists are fleeing due to the no water. This District council already has an unemployment rate of 45%.

Naturally most people would enquire as to the cause and many would have been sympathetic had the water crisis resulted from droughts, however it has been established that the lack of water was due to poor planning and the lack of infrastructure maintenance.

Under Section 154 of the South African Constitution. Ugu District Municipality has proven that it is incapable of fulfilling Section 27 of the Constitution; the right to access to sufficient water.

Nonetheless, we all know that the constitution is merely a showcase of our history and not a directive to our future. So from a business financial perspective – set an example and get more experienced staff- three years of management incompetency will add to the cost of the next election.

Kind Regards,

Amandla Awethu

Her Worship the Mayor – One Year ago


When the drought was to blame:

Three years ago:


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