Is the grass greener in the UK? …Child poverty at 4 Million!

The report by charity Buttle UK finds that lone parents account for 63 per cent of crisis cases.

A record 3.9m kids are living below the breadline and 400,000 of them do not have a bed – according to a new report into child poverty.

A growing number of families are classified as the ‘new poor’ because they are struggling even though at least one parent is working.One is six kids who are below the poverty line have a working parent.

Lots of kids are forced to share beds or sleep on the floor. Almost half of families in crisis lack basic items such as beds, washing machines and children’s clothing.

Researchers also found that in the last five years there has been a 60 per cent rise in the number of families being evicted from rented homes.

Gerri McAndrew, chief executive of the Buttle UK, says: “The plight of the most vulnerable children in Britain is deteriorating.

“The fact that two thirds of children in poverty are living in families where there is an income coming in is really shocking.

“People who are working are not actually able to make ends meet and they have to make choices between paying energy bills or do we provide food for their children.

“Child benefit will have risen by 2per cent between 2010 and 2020 but in the same period living costs have gone up by 35per cent.

Buttle UK is the country’s largest grant-giving charity. It hands out small sums – usually around £200 to £400 – to help families with kids to buy essentials, like a bed or a cooker.

Last year they gave a total of £3.9 million in grants to help 30,000 youngsters from families in poverty.


source:;Thousand of Birmingham children 'living in poverty' - Birmingham Post accessed 13/10/17

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