Stormy seas make skillful sailors – happy sailing 2018!

Only hours away from a new year as 2017 draws to a close and the ushering of hope for some, hoping to be better people. Others are in pain as loved ones where the casualties of 2017. For most the same old stuff just with larger numbers and greater anxieties to overcome.

2017 had been a good school master for myself, showing me that life is moving at a pace I’m unable to control or resist, should I follow the velocity of the tide – I would sadly miss the course I’m willing to pursue. However much of our course is upstream – despite the vessel, we all are having to face the challengers and giants which await us as we navigate through the course of another 365 days.

Some would make it to their ports of rest, some may be left out at sea without ever returning and some may just be stranded. Whatever our fate, we are to remember that the journey is as important as the destination and that a clean heart and a clear conscience would be the good ethos for every sailor…not being distracted by the haters.


Stormy seas make skillful sailors!

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