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Don’t envy those growing in wealth from tenders – just as you wouldn’t a burglar!

Therefore when you see those benefiting from tenders begotten from kickbacks parading the spoils of their plunder – do not envy! Similarly as you would not envy a burglar for boasting their robbery – so as a society we must call theft as theft! These are bad role models and children should be warned against such practices- least we have no spine as a nation for calling good, evil and evil, good!

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Dear KZN Provincial Government, Please help Ugu District Municipality?

The Ugu Region is yet again suffering from another water crisis which is going into its second year. It appears that the Ugu District Municipality is unable to adequately resolve the water issues, leaving residents across the district to suffer with the indignity of not having drinking water orbiting able to prepare food, bathe, flush a toilet. 

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Originally posted on Anzetse Were:
There are pros and cons with regard to Africa’s interaction with China. The discussion here is not exhaustive but is rather aimed at highlighting the salient features that tend to define opinions over Sino-African relations. Let’s look at these arguments. PRO-CHINESE ARGUMENTS China has forgiven African debt China cancelled debt owed by heavily indebted African…

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Money has no value?

Money is actually nothing but worthless paper created and handed out to us to make us believe we are working for something of value. But money has no value. Even the Treasury admits this, “modern money is known as ‘fiat money’, it is artificially created, has no value in itself and the basis in its use for exchange is typically a government edict.” – FOI request to HM Treasury.

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