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Who is Desmond Mpilo Tutu?

For most of his life, Desmond Tutu has been in the vanguard of the struggle for racial justice and equality in South Africa. In sermons, speeches, and other public statements, he has drawn attention to the inequalities in South African society and the urgent need of redressing them in order to prevent a catastrophe.

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Was Hitler a Socialist?

Given that Hitler was appointed “leader of the German Reich for life”, he “embodied the supreme power of the state and, as the delegate of the German people”, it was his role to determine the “outward form and structure of the Reich”. To that end, Hitler’s political motivation consisted of an ideology that combined traditional German and Austrian anti-Semitism with an intellectualized racial doctrine resting on a platter of social Darwinism.

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Violence is caused by the people who Practice Religion…

Violence is caused by the people who practice religion, instead of religion itself and thereby influenced by other factors outside of it. Religion can cause violence by misinterpretation of the messages that the sacred texts are supposed to send, and a lot of the sacred texts are, in fact, misinterpreted and because of that, extremists find inspiration and justification that it is in their religion that they have to exercise violence upon others.

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Race consciousness is key to how we learn to perceive ourselves and the people around us.

Race consciousness is key to how we learn to perceive ourselves and the people around us (even if we don’t always want to admit it); just think of how we describe people—“an elderly asian woman, about five foot three; a tall black man in his thirties, wearing a leather jacket”. In these “identifying descriptions”, race, along with gender, is essential, especially if it is other than white.

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Racial disparities in school discipline?

These analyses have consistently found that race remains a significant predictor of Black over-representation in suspension even after holding poverty constant; that is, while African American students in poverty are more likely to be suspended than poor White students, middle and upper class Black students are also more likely to be suspended than their peers at the same demographic level.

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