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President of South Africa – Cyril Ramaphosa?

He is one of South Africa’s richest men, with Forbes estimating his wealth at $675 million.

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Maxwell’s Spaza Shop…

At the imaginary line between Upper Houghton and Yeoville is Maxwell’s Spaza Shop. There are no clear demarcation of this boundary between these two areas – only the visible signs of the cleaned, treelined streets with huge Mansions and well manicured lawns. As you make the transition into Yeoville, the houses are mostly in disrepair and unkept with shops such as Maxwell’s in front where once a carport or garden.

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Black South Africans did not need social grants, but their land back

“I don’t buy votes. We are here to feed your soul. Don’t vote for me for material gain, don’t choose me for what you can get.” He said they had been voting for “Yellow T-shirts” since 1994, and had nothing to show for it. “Stop voting for T-shirts and food parcels, but when they do come, take them. It is your money after all.” But they should not use them as an excuse to vote for certain parties, he said.

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