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Afrikaners bringing Apartheid to the UK

I’m not racist nor have I any prejudice based upon the colour of one’s skin. However, truth must be told that I’m beginning to develop an animosity towards a particular type of Afrikaner. My step-dad was an Afrikaner Boer and during my teenage years I had the opportunity to grow up understanding the wonderful values of family and hard work which are shown in this great culture.

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Racial Discrimination in Housing impacts Health & Wealth

The effects of the Wealth distribution can also be traced to the location a person resides and sure enough that place can be identified as predominately residence of a particular race. Dependent on the race and class will have direct effect upon the unequal access to education, employment, transportation and accommodation. This exposes communities of colour disproportionately to environmental hazards and areas likely to experience anti-social behaviour.

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Upper Houghton Estate fearful of the lower classes?

Apartheid was the segregation of people groups based upon the colour of their skin. However I believe it is still alive and kicking in an evolved state. Therefore even in a “non-apartheid” era many are still having things soft – in 2006, it was noted that twenty years on 70% of the land is owned by Whites. Whites make up approximately 4.5 to 5 million, or nearly 9% of South Africa’s population.

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