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40% of the world’s gay people can be jailed for their sexuality

South Africa is a world leader in legal protections – being the first country in the world to recognize equal gay marriage.

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Joburg Water – Incompetent Company of 2016!

When it comes to the incompetence for delivery of service, apartheid has been the number one cause for municipalities failing to deliver. However despite your political alliance, I’m certain that if you are really honest with yourself, you would confirm that many of the issues we face are definitely due to the incompetent staff. If I were to give an award based upon hopelessness, it will definitely go to Joburg Water!

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Who knows why some people are just predisposed to evil? Doesn’t it sometimes seem that so many of these hateful, ruthless people become powerful leaders? Perhaps their ability to reach a position of power can even be attributed to that ruthlessness. Throughout history, certain notorious leaders have been active proponents of hate and violence. Often, the root of this hate lies in a fear of the foreign or unknown, compounded and even excused by a misguided feeling of righteousnesses and the greater good.

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Making Crooks Celebrities

Many a time we are so focused on the material possession that we fail to ask the simple question: “But you are a Councillor, a civil servant – how is it that you could afford such a vehicle?” As a kid, I remember my mum seeing that I was chewing a sweet so she enquired where I got it from? Sheepishly I made up a story – after much of a beating and interrogating I confessed I stole it!

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Port Shepstone is for Sale!

I’ve just returned for a brief visit recently and to witness how my beloved Port Shepstone now lies in ruins – ethically and socially. She is being raped and abused by her leadership. Those entrusted to care for savage beaches, beautiful landscapes and her treasures have gone mad.

So many residents complain about their Councillors, the bribery, corruption by brokering deals which are for self-interest rather than the greater good of the community. I’m told that much of the leadership is so blinded for self-gain that they have not actually stopped for a moment to see how a vibrant pretty boutique town is turning into a cheap derelict place.

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