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Migrants are bad for South African society and its economy?

The most important reasons behind the prevalence of xenophobia in South Africa are economic and the tendency to criminalise foreigners.

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Will the EFF make South Africa a “BASKET CASE”?

According to the EFF founding manifesto The state should, through its legislative capacity, transfer all land to the state, which will administer and use land for sustainable development purposes.

The manifesto says those intending to use land under state control will apply for a land-use licence .

The licence would be valid for 25 years and could be renewed based on whether the land was being used as planned.

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Why the UK needs immigrants to help revive a disenchanted country? by Shey (15 yrs)

One of the many complaints of the average Brit these days is that “I can hear people speaking Polish on the streets.” When questioned as to why that is a bad thing, they replied “Because they’re taking up our jobs.” However, when asked the question, “why is that a bad thing for Britain as a whole?”, they didn’t have an answer.

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