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I go around Africa and people ask me very embarrassing questions

“I go around Africa and people ask me very embarrassing questions about this Parliament.

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South African Defence Union calls for Lawful mass action Campaigns

People do take note – as today marks a very important turning point in our Nation’s future. If those who do not heed the lessons of history they will be forced to repeat it. This morning reported on News24 that the South African Defence Union (SANDU) has called for lawful means to remove President Jacob Zuma from office as it believes he is no longer fit to be the commander-in-chief of the defence force.

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What does it say when Voters exchange Votes for food bribes?

Given the short-sightedness of these voters and the mockery to such whom had sacrificed their lives so that every South African can choose a candidate for the betterment of the country not their stomachs. Despite the distastefulness of this method in seducing voters, the authorities seem to have turned a blind-eye to this open bribery. Most councillors, who are voted in, are confronted on day one of the job displaying a lack of communication skills and have a low level of education and etiquette.

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