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Afrikaners bringing Apartheid to the UK

I’m not racist nor have I any prejudice based upon the colour of one’s skin. However, truth must be told that I’m beginning to develop an animosity towards a particular type of Afrikaner. My step-dad was an Afrikaner Boer and during my teenage years I had the opportunity to grow up understanding the wonderful values of family and hard work which are shown in this great culture.

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Why the UK needs immigrants to help revive a disenchanted country? by Shey (15 yrs)

One of the many complaints of the average Brit these days is that “I can hear people speaking Polish on the streets.” When questioned as to why that is a bad thing, they replied “Because they’re taking up our jobs.” However, when asked the question, “why is that a bad thing for Britain as a whole?”, they didn’t have an answer.

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