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Interpretative denial is at work when the facts are not disputed, but their interpretation disguises their racist aspect.

Literal racist denial is widespread as a governmental reaction to human rights reports, and is expressed in such statements as: Your reports are exaggerated; your position is alarmist, sensationalist, harmful; we work on issues constructively while your way of exposing things is destructive, etc.

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Afrikaners bringing Apartheid to the UK

I’m not racist nor have I any prejudice based upon the colour of one’s skin. However, truth must be told that I’m beginning to develop an animosity towards a particular type of Afrikaner. My step-dad was an Afrikaner Boer and during my teenage years I had the opportunity to grow up understanding the wonderful values of family and hard work which are shown in this great culture.

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Why white men still dominate South Africa’s private sector?

A report on compliance with the law shows that white males continue to dominate top and senior management positions. The recent report shows a figure of 70%. The bad news is that the pace is slow and suggests South Africa has a very long way to go before the profile at the top of companies reflects the demographics of the country. The latest available figures for graduates in business and commerce show that the number of African, Coloured and Indian graduates is three times that of whites.

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Malema’s Solution for South Africa: “Have more babies!”

“Give birth and expand because if we do not make children we are going to disappear as a Black nation. To make children is a revolutionary duty‚ because children represents reproduction of society. And when you reproduce yourself you reproduce your ideas and legacy. White people do not want us to give birth because they know we are more than them. So that they can be more than us and the day they are more than us they will take over our land‚”

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